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Keeping Abingdon Roofs Clean & Free From Moss

If your Abingdon roof is looking a bit weathered and starting to resemble an untidy lawn in places, then chances are you have a moss or lichen problem. You may think that this is not an issue, after all it is only attached to the roofing materials such as the slates. But this is not actually the case.

Roof tiles, and especially your ridge tiles, become porous as a result of moss growth. This can result in rainwater penetrating your Abingdon loft or roofing space. Combined with the freezing winter temperatures around Abingdon (and other seasons due to the unreliable UK weather), tiles can often be damaged beyond repair, resulting in large bills to get these repaired or replaced.

Abingdon Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Professionals

APS Roofing Services fully cleans roofs, ensuring all moss and loose debris is removed. We remove all moss, lichen and unsightly growth restoring your Abingdon roofing.

In summary cleaning your Abingdon roof has many benefits:

  • A roof that looks like new is aesthetically pleasing and it can add value to your home​​
  • A clean and newly sealed roof protects the tiles or slates from the rain, frost and future damage
  • A newly sealed roof will ensure that your inner structure is protected.
  • A roof that is cleaned and sealed by A.P.S will look like a new roof, only it will have cost you just a fraction of the price.

Abingdon Roof Cleaning

If you are looking to have your Abingdon roof cleaned, we firstly need to determine what is the cause of the dirt and discolouring.

The most common cause for a dirty roof is moss build up. This includes things like lichens and other live growths that will block gutters and cause mess.

If you have a moss-covered roof, this is how APS Roofing Services will tackle it:

  • We will remove the moss by hand, scraping it off the tiles or slates
  • We will then sweep over the tiles to ensure that all moss residue captured
  • Once moss free we will perform a roof inspection, making sure that all the current tiles are in good condition
  • If any poor condition tiles are found, being professional Abingdon roofers, we will replace them
  • We will also inspect the cement that is present in the joins - there is no point in us cleaning if we end up causing damage with our power washer
  • We clear out the debris from the gutters and we then apply a moss treatment that assures it does not grow back

Abingdon Roof Sealing

It is recommended that, once cleaned, a new layer of sealer is applied. Whenever we clean a roof, we always do this as standard.

The coating or sealer that we apply to clean roofs will ensure your tiles is ready to face the elements. This, combined with the moss treatment, means your roof stays cleaner longer.​

How we apply our Roof Sealer:

  • Upon completion of jet cleaning your roof we then need to wait for it to dry
  • Whilst this is happening, we cover surrounding area with plastic sheets
  • We give the roof a final brush over to get rid of any loose debris
  • We apply translucent sealant to the roof edges by hand
  • We then apply the coating/sealant by sprayer to all remaining areas of the roof, ensuring each tile is covered
  • To ensure that the job is done correctly, we allow the initial coat to dry and then apply a second coat
  • Remove plastic sheeting from the surrounding areas and leave you with a roof that looks like new

Why choose us for your moss removal in Abingdon?

In addition to our specialist roof cleaning services, we also offer the following benefits;

  • Help and advice on how to maintain your roof after we have cleaned and sealed it
  • Free no-obligation quotes for all services
  • Realistic prices starting from £299 for a clean and seal
  • Emergency 24-7 call out for immediate repairs
  • We have an excellent reputation and are more than happy to provide references
  • We are members of the Confederation of Roofing Contractors - so we know exactly what we are doing
  • We provide roof cleaning and sealing services across Abingdon and surrounding areas

Highly Experienced in Roof Cleaning

With 30+ Years' Experience in Roofing Maintenance, we are the firm you can trust!

  • Family run business
  • All work guaranteed
  • Fully insured
  • Local & trusted company
  • Attention to detail
  • Highly recommended
  • Experienced and qualified craftsmen & tradesmen
  • Quality products at affordable prices

We only use the highest quality materials

Roof Cleaning

We are professional roofers and have vast experience in the cleaning and sealing of Abingdon roofs. Whether you want your roof to have a comprehensive clean and seal, or just a simple roof scrape to get rid of unsightly moss, we can help. Both services result in a new looking roof.

Roof Sealing

Our roof cleaning services do not just mean we remove the moss and lichen, but we also seal the tiles. Our clear roof sealant will ensure your Abingdon roofing is fully protected for years to come. This includes future moss & algae growth, deterioration and protecting against the elements

Realistic Prices

We are recognised by the CORC for our quality workmanship. This not only means that all our roof cleaning work is performed to the highest standards, but it is also done at a price that suits your budget. Our Abingdon roof cleaning and sealing packages start at just £299!!

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